Jennie Elston

Jennie Elston


Jennie has been an osteopath for 25 years. Trained in England, she focuses on gentle functional and cranial osteopathic techniques to treat a wide range of conditions.

Jennie has a particular interest in understanding the cause of the clientís symptom. Many long term and even very severe symptoms can be caused or made worse by things like unsupportive chairs, occupational strains, patterns of using the body, dietary imbalances, or psychological factors. Pain or discomfort is often the bodyís way of communicating that it is under some kind of strain or stress. Often a small but very specific change in a lifestyle factor can reduce this strain and enable a faster and more durable recovery.

Jennieís approach to treatment is to use the most gentle and comfortable procedures that will be effective in freeing the restriction and balancing that personís structure and function. Soft tissue procedures are incorporated into most treatments. With more chronic conditions, she often uses careful articulation, slow stretching and deeper pressure on specific reflex points to help release restrictions stored in the muscles and fascia. With acute or sensitive conditions she uses very subtle fascial release and cranial osteopathy.

Jennie treats a wide range of conditions including headache, migraine, whiplash, sinus problems, tinnitus, muscular-skeletal pain and restriction such a back and neck pain, gynaecological symptoms, post-natal conditions, RSI, constipation, post-surgery pain, insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue. Her treatments tend to have a very settling effect on the nervous system and they are particularly effective in easing out the effect of trauma from the body. One of Jennieís main specialities is treating people who have been involved in trauma or strain or stress, including accident or surgery to assist the body (and therefore mind) back to a state of ease and balance.

Self-help procedures from Yoga and the Alexander Technique are included in her approach. She works co-operatively with other modalities e.g. massage therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, GPís, nutritionists, naturopaths, psychologists, Yoga and Pilates teachers, and personal trainers.